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Frequently Asked Questions

•Do you charge by the hour?

No, we base our pricing off the square footage of your home or office space. We work hard at honoring our pricing and will only increase pricing in the event of excessive clutter. We will arrive during at our scheduled time and work until your home or office is clean.*

•Should I clean before you come?

Absolutely not! Please have floors, counters, furniture and other surfaces free of trash, laundry & clutter but please, don't clean! This is what we are here for!

Please note: any animal feces should be removed before our arrival. Failure to remove animal feces will result in the forfeit of your services.


•Do you provide supplies?

Yes! We furnish all supplies and use eco-friendly, highly effective, industrial products.  All re-usable supplies (such as microfiber rags, mop pads, etc.) are disinfected daily. We can also use your products/supplies if you prefer a certain type, scent, or specific product for granite, stone, etc. just let us know before your service.


•Will I always have the same specialist clean my home?

Yes! We typically send 1-2 cleaning specialists to service a home for a deep clean and one of those 2 specialists will become your regular cleaning specialist for all appointments. Occasionally, situations come up where a specialist has to miss work - in this instance we will first attempt to reschedule your appointment to a day and time later in the week with your regular cleaning specialist. In the event we are unable to do so, if we have another specialist available, we will keep your regularly scheduled appointment and send a fill-in cleaning specialist. If we are unable to schedule your appointment for a different day/time in the same week and do not have any other specialists available at your regularly scheduled appointment time, we will contact to you to see if you would like to reschedule for a different week or skip your appointment and pick back up at your next regularly scheduled cleaning. Clean Bee reserves the right to change the specialist assigned to your home to best fit your home or Clean Bees needs.


•Do I need to be home?

You are not required to be home at all during our service. You are welcome to greet us & leave, stay the entire time, or come and go as you please!
If you will not be present upon our arrival or departure, please let us know in advance how we can get in and how you would like us to leave (key under mat, garage code, door code, etc.)

•What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Venmo, Cash, Check and Credit/Debit Cards - payment is due at the time of service, prior to your cleaning specialists departure.

Please make checks out to: Clean Bee

Venmo: @cleanbeeWF
Please contact our office to setup auto-draft payments

One-time card payments can be made by phone: (940)432-0003

•Is gratuity included?

No, gratuity is not included in the price of your service. Tipping is completely optional - our cleaning specialist greatly appreciate any tips they receive for the services they perform.

•Are you bonded and insured?

Yes! Clean Bee is both bonded and insured. All Clean Bee specialists undergo an extensive background check upon hiring and all specialists are equipped with a visible recording device for the duration of all services. Recording devices are both visible and actively recording for the duration of your service for both your protection and the protection of your specialist.

•Is there any reason you wouldn't clean my home or anything the service does not include?

If your home does not have active utility services (water and electric) we may be unable to service your home. Other conditions that prevent us from being able to clean a residential or commercial space include, but are not limited to: active roach, flea or bed bug infestation, feces or urine of any kind, bodily fluids, illicit materials or drug paraphernalia, aggressive animals, and unsecured firearms or other weapons.

Additionally, we will not conduct cleanings in the following areas for any service type:


  • bedroom closets and hall closets (*exception for make ready services on empty closets only*)

  • outdoor spaces

  • under furniture that we cannot reasonably reach without moving

  • areas beyond the reach of a double-step stool including ceiling fans, tops of cabinets and furniture, and out-of-reach appliances


In rare occasions, we may have to cancel or reschedule a service for an excessively dirty, damaged, or cluttered homes until after clutter/items have been picked up.


All service hours are capped - we will clean your entire home to the extent of our ability In the time allotted for that particular service.

We look forward to servicing you, Texoma!

Other Policies & Procedures

•Appointment Time

While we do give you a set time for your appointment, please understand that we may arrive within a 30 minute window prior to or after this time. Due to the varying times of servicing homes we occasionally run ahead or behind time. If we are to arrive more than 30 minutes later than your scheduled time, we will contact you to make verify that this time still works with your schedule. We will not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time.


2 consecutive cancellations will result in removal from scheduled reoccurring services. Your reserved spot may be given to a different client and a new time selected for your future services. After 2 consecutive appointments are held, you may once again schedule reoccurring services.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. In the event 24 hours notice is not given, you may incur a $25 cancellation fee to be paid prior to your next service. In the event less than 12 hours notice is given, you may incur a charge of 50% of that days services. With notice less than 6 hours, 75% of that days services. In the event we are unable to access your home at your appointment time, you may incur a charge for the full service amount. We reserve the right to adjust cancelation fees as necessary. Cancelation fees must be paid in full before a new appointment can be scheduled.

•Untimely Payments

In the event that your payment is not made prior to our departure, you may incur a penalty of $5 per each day that your payment is late.

In the event that your payments are consistently not made prior to your cleaning specialists departure, all future services will require payment upon booking.

•Payment Chargebacks

If your payment by check or card is returned for any reason we will contact you for a new payment method. You will be charged the original service fee + a $10-$30 fee (based on payment type) for the charge back.

•Service Area

We service the following areas: Wichita Falls, Sheppard Air Force Base, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, Henrietta, Holliday, and surrounding areas. If your area is not included, please contact us! We likely service your area, with a mileage charge. 

•Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your service, please contact us within 8 hours of our departure. We will return to fix any errors or complete any missed items within 24-48 hours or will discuss other options with you. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

•Policy Changes

Changes to our policy may be made at any time without notice.

*We reserve the right to refuse service to any client.

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