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A La Carte

When you book a recurring basic cleaning service we automatically add in one deep cleaning items each visit. We rotate through these each week, the more often your home is serviced, the more variety you will see in your deep clean items. We may do baseboards in the bathrooms, the inside of your oven, ceiling fans, air vents, etc. - if you would like to request something specific, please contact us 24 hours before your appointment to insure we can accommodate your request!

To add any of the listed a la carte items in addition to your basic clean please contact us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. 

•Linen Change: leave clean linens out on beds and we will change them - Free

•Laundry (wash/dry/fold):  each load - $25

•Dishes: wash or load dishwasher one load - Free

•Baseboards: add to a basic clean - based on square footage

•Blinds: add to a basic or deep clean - $50 (wood or faux wood)

•Oven: add to a basic clean - $45

•Microwave: add to a basic clean - $10

•Fridge: add to a basic clean - $65

•Carpet Steaming: add to a basic clean or deep clean - $30/room

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