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Drumroll please. It might be the last day of the month and most definitely in the later hours of the evening but our first Monthly Menu! To be fair, many of us discussed that "life happens" and while I planned to have this out for y'all a few days ago....well, Life Happened!! Every Monthly Menu will come complete with recipes for each meal as well as a weekly shopping list!

So, a few important notes before we get started...

I use these calendars myself and do my shopping for the week on Saturdays or Sundays, whichever works best for our schedule. I shop for items THROUGH the following Sunday, so that I'm not trying to shop for the items I need for dinner on the same day. I also try to smoke, grill, or crock pot meals on Sunday because let's face shopping, unloading the car, and putting everything up is exhausting and I usually don't feel like doing much when I'm done! Also, each week comes with a "FREE NIGHT" scheduled in. This can be used for leftovers, eating out, DIY dinners, pizza dinners - whatever floats your boat! I schedule these on days that we have something going on, long work days, nights that we have sports late, etc. Move these dates around and make them work for YOU and YOUR family!

Here it is! The much anticipated August Monthly Menu. A weekly grocery list and link to every recipe for the week will be posted tomorrow morning (or tonight, if I can't sleep HA) ....because life....remember ;)

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