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The Daily F I V E

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the state of cleanliness (or lack thereof) in your home? 'Cause I sure do! To help myself and the house stay on track I developed The Daily Five.

These five tasks are the secret to getting started and are essential to the Clean Bee Mama Routine. The Daily Five tasks are quick, simple and can happen in any order that works for you. I like to make beds first, then get a load of laundry started first thing in the morning. I typically complete the other tasks in the evening after work, or later in the day if I'm not working. From there, we build the rest of our pyramid, adding 1 - 2 tasks a day with The Chore of The Day and Deep Clean of The Week, but we will get into those more at a later time! 🙃

The Daily Five consists of:

  • Make Beds - whether it's your kids making their beds or you making the beds, take a few minutes and get them done. You will feel so great when it's done! 🙂

  • One load of laundry - start to finish + put it away. We stick to one load a day to reduce the work load per day and keep clean laundry from piling up and not making it to the closet! 🤩

  • Dishes - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; get those dishes done after each meal. Your kitchen will thank you! 😍

  • Counter tops - A quick wipe down of your kitchen counters ensures you're always ready to prepare the next meal and there is no scurrying the next time your mother in law drops by unannounced! 😉

  • Tidy/declutter - Pick one space and tidy it up! Rotate the spaces around each day. Tackle a junk drawer or clear the mail off of your table, no matter how big or how small, you're making progress! 💜

Monday-Saturday, The Daily Five will keep your house looking great every day. After a few weeks you can start to add in The Chore of The Day and Deep Clean of The Week which we will cover in our next post - so, stay tuned!

Love & Sunshine

-CleanBeeMAMA 💜☀️

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Tammy Billingsley
Tammy Billingsley
13 जुल॰ 2022

I love this. Growing up my mom used to have a recipe box full of daily chores, weekly chores, bi-weekly, and so on. I hated that box, but wish I had it now. There were six kids in the house so there was a lot of chores to do. Looking back, I wish I had cherished that box for my girls and grandkids now. Thank you for the list and what to do.

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